What could be more fun than the blogging I already do? Adding something new, of course. I’ve asked my dad, David Lidbury, if he’d be interested in blogging with me. And he said yes! I’m very excited. I think he’s excited, too. We’re not sure where this will go, exactly, but this is where it is starting. A new blog segment I’ve called My Dad and Me. It will be some kind of a conversation between my dad and me about, well, we don’t know exactly what yet. But we’re going to start anyway. And we’ll see where it goes. ‘Cause that’s the kind of crazy people we are.

So here is my formal introduction:

A few weeks ago I asked my dad if he would be interested in having a recurring blog conversation with me. I already blog about my family, my life, my interests, my faith, my whatever at My Men and Me. I love it. So, why start a new My Dad and Me segment?

Because, well, I think it would be a fun and interesting thing to do.

I am almost fifty years old, which would make my dad, um, older. Although we have the connection of being family, we come from different generations, we are different genders, we have had different experiences. All of that, I think, could make for an interesting, on-going conversation. About all kinds of things.

I have so many things I would like to know about my dad. About his life, his passions, his thoughts, his faith, his journey. Not that we don’t talk about this stuff when we get a chance. We do. But blogging regularly would be, well, regular. I’d have the chance to engage in a consistent, progressive conversation with one of the biggest influences in my life.

So, for the record, here are five reasons why I want to blog with my dad:

1. My dad has been journeying for a few years more than have I. He’s seen more. He’s done more. I’d like to know about that journey.

2. When I was growing up and had the chance to spend all kinds of time with him, he was just Dad. I didn’t appreciate him as much then as I do now.

3. Dad and I are a lot alike. I blame him for my disorganized tendencies (the word stuff, I bet, features as much in his filing system as it does in mine. As in file folders labeled: financial stuff, house stuff, kid stuff, stuff to take care of, stuff I should keep but I don’t know why, and one file just called stuff, for the stuff that doesn’t fit with the other stuff), my ability to get lost in a book and forget about the world around me, and a few other (perhaps) less desirable traits that we share. But we also share a love of learning and of communicating. And God. We both love God. But as much alike as we might be, there are differences. Which lends itself to different perspectives on things. I’d love to explore those different perspectives as they relate to a whole variety of subjects.

4. Dad has remained a faithful member of the faith fellowship in which he was raised. But his faith journey, I suspect, has taken him to some interesting places. I’d really like to consider some of those faith issues with him.

5. Dad is, and always has been, a person of great influence in my life. I would love the chance to spend more time, even virtual time, with him. To find out more about him. To understand him better. To be understood better.

And, I think it would be a ton of fun!

Stay tuned tomorrow as Dad makes his blogging debut in what I am sure will be a touching and thought-provoking response to my post today. But, no pressure, Dad. It’s just that whole first impressions thing, you know. But, no pressure!