I think this is the only holiday that is considered a season. At least in my culture. I don’t talk about the Valentine season or the Hallowe’en season. Even Easter is more a weekend than a season. But Christmas is different. It gets season status. And it deserves it. We’re celebrating the birth of our saviour, for goodness sake. I mean, literally for goodness sake. It’s a holiday all about love and sharing and kindness and good will and all. So yes, it should be a season. There should be preparation and waiting and whispered secrets and lists and feasts.

Here is a bit of what our Christmas season has looked like so far …


I hope you are enjoying your Christmas season. Eat some of those goodies ahead of time. Play some games and read a book. Sit and look at the lights on your tree. Smile lots, remember your blessings, and think of others.

And have a very Merry Christmas!