For quite some time now, the days have had names. There were the days of Advent, busy and full with planning and waiting and expecting. And then Christmas Eve, the beginning of the celebration. Friends and food and excitement. Followed by The Day. Christmas. With Grandpa and Grandma and turkey and puzzles and lots of sweet afternoon treats. And finally, Boxing Day. Busy for some, but quiet for us. Games played and movies watched and afternoon naps.




But today, waking up and thinking of the day ahead, I realize it has no name. It is the first of the few days before the New Year days. There is no plan for this day. Lyndon just wants to enjoy some quiet before he has to go back to work. We’ll eat leftovers and do a little laundry and play Battleship with the little guy. And we’ll have coffee in the afternoon and eat some more of the Christmas baking and maybe we’ll nap a little.

I think I’ll call these days between Christmas and New Year’s the Days of Peace and Quiet. Welcome days in the midst of this busy and beautiful time of the year.