Because who doesn’t want to be happy?

I’m planning some New Year stories, and Being Happy is one of them. This one is a bit of a cheat, I suppose, because it fits with a book, The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, that my book club is using this year.

The Happiness Project is a bonus book. We’re still going to be reading a book each month and then we will get together to eat yummy stuff discuss the book. But, as a year-long project, we are going to also incorporate Ms. Rubin’s book. We’ll read a chapter each month and try to implement some of the suggestions she has for creating a happier life. The hardest part will be to limit myself to only one chapter at a time. But I’m committed.

So, interestingly, I began doing some of the things suggested in Happiness before I’d actually read the January chapter. A few days ago, I started an all-out, no-holds-barred, decluttering, closet-emptying, sock-drawer-organizing campaign. And then yesterday I was visiting a fellow book clubber who knew of the purging frenzy I’d embarked on, and she asked if I was doing it because of the book.

So then I read the January chapter.

And sure enough, in chapter one, Gretchen (let’s be on a first name basis, Gretchen, since we’ll be chatting off and on throughout the year) … Gretchen included toss, restore, organize as one of her January: Boost Energy suggestions. She also included: go to sleep earlier, exercise better, tackle a nagging task, and act more energetic.

The sleep thing keeps coming up. The importance of getting a good night’s sleep was discussed in the book NurtureShock which we read last month for book club. And there was a Yahoo! headline, something like The Importance of Sleep, when I logged onto the internet this morning. And a friend brought the subject up the other day when we were visiting. Everywhere I look, I’m being told to sleep more.

And yet, as a homeschooling family, we aren’t exactly up with the chickens. And over the holidays we began a stay-up-late, get-up-late routine that we haven’t quite managed to break yet. Yesterday, I woke the boys earlier than we’d typically been getting up. But when I looked around the breakfast table, I was missing one. Here’s where I found him.

So maybe we’re getting enough sleep. We’re just getting it at unusual times. Yeah, that’s it.

But back to my happy story. I think this will be a fun story to live this year. I haven’t peeked at the upcoming chapters (I know, I can’t believe it either), so each month will be a surprise. In the meantime, I still have to exercise, tackle a nagging task, and act more energetic this month. We’ll see.

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