This isn’t the post you’re expecting. You’re expecting something sweet and Norman Rockwell-ish, about a mom making a cake or cookies or something, and then letting her children lick the bowl and the spoon and the beaters. With a few pictures of the darlings enjoying the treat, even. And Mom, in her apron, smiling in the background.

Nope, this isn’t that post.

This is the post about the tired momma who sometimes feels a tiny bit under-appreciated and overwhelmed. The weary wife who took to heart an off-the-cuff comment made by her husband. The woman who can let herself feel a tad lonely at times in a house full of men. This is the post about having a long day, of focusing on the negative, of staring at the half-empty glass, of being moody and knowing it and still being it.

This is the post about the mom who made her kids’ favourite Flossie’s Chocolate Sheet Cake … and then licked out the bowl – all by herself.