I’ve been wondering, lately, about the creation. Those first few chapters on Genesis which outline the beginning, the way of it all, the foundation. I imagine it sometimes, God speaking and light sparkling and waters moving and life springing. My husband hopes that when heaven is realized and time is no more, he will be able to see the whole expanse of history and creation will be a thing to be experienced, or at least watched like a great movie.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking of creation and wondering about some things. About how it happened, you know? And that thing with Adam and Eve, at the beginning in the garden with God, and the pointing out in scripture of the fact that they were naked, has intrigued me. And not only that they were naked, but that they were naked, and unashamed.


Weird, but beautiful. I mean, I can’t imagine walking around naked and unashamed. What innocence and joy. The garden, that time of close communion with each other and with God, the way it was meant to be … oh my! Heaven!

But it didn’t last. There was temptation, and there was a giving in to temptation. Sin. And the first response to that action, the first negative emotion felt by man, was awareness of nakedness. May I call it shame? And Adam and Eve covered themselves.

Shame led to covering. And to hiding. And to fear. And to blame.

And we’ve been doing it ever since.

May I just say that we are all walking around naked, and that we all are well-acquainted with shame. And we hide and we are afraid and we blame.

But may I also say that hopefully, gracefully, we will help each other as we daily clothe ourselves with Jesus, with love, with forgiveness. In grace, let’s help each other out of hiding, let’s hold each other’s hands when we are afraid. Let’s help each other look to the light.

We don’t need help feeling guilty. We don’t need encouragement to feel shame. These things come naturally. Our role, as human companions, is to encourage each other turn away from shame and to focus on love. On Jesus. On grace. And, motivated by love and grace, to love and be graceful.

This is why he came. This is what the kingdom is about. This is the gospel.