Love … wrapped up in a curly, squirmy, wet-nosed package.


This is Bella, our little poodle, with Colton. Bella’s been part of the family for several years, and she has taught me so much about love. She loves her people, and she shows that love, expressively and often.

I could leave the house for five minutes, and when I return she will greet me, leaping and squealing and wriggling with joy that practically turns her inside out.  When I sit on the couch, she’s there, pressed close against my leg. When I go upstairs or downstairs or to the bathroom, she follows.

When the boys get up in the morning, she performs doggie gymnastics at their feet until they pick her up and say good morning.

She is, simply, a daily reminder of the expression of love.

Colton and I have been talking about becoming dog breeders. About together going into the business of raising purebred dogs. Colton has been researching breeds and I’ve been listening as he talks about the pros and cons of the different kinds of dogs. We’re considering expense and responsibility and we’ve checked the different websites that offer breeders information and guidelines. We’ve even contacted some breeders about their dogs and to get an idea of what is involved in being a breeder.

We’re thinking of it and making plans for it because Colton loves animals, and he would like to do this, and because I love him. But it’s not something I would have considered had Bella not taught me what it means to share your home with a good dog.