What is it about the older generation that makes us a tad bit uncertain?

This weekend, I will be speaking at a Once Upon a Time seminar in Estevan. The ministry that I am a part of has been asked to come and share this women and story message with the Trinity Lutheran Church women, and some of their friends. I’m looking forward to it. I used to live in Estevan; my two oldest boys were born there. I have an aunt who is part of this fellowship, but other than her, I will know very few of the participants. I’m cool with that.

The thing that has me a little curious today, though, is the warning I’ve been hearing about the weekend. The it will likely be an older crowd caution. Yes, caution is a better word.

What is it about the older crowd that makes us cautious? Why are we suddenly questioning out wardrobe choices? Too casual? After all, it will be an older crowd. And our music choices? Too modern? Because it sounds like it will be an older crowd. And our group exercises? Will that older crowd be comfortable sharing their thoughts?

Personally, I love the older crowd. Some of my best friends are part of that crowd, and they are incredibly interesting people. Carol Barnard, I’m talking about you! And Joyce, and Audrey, and Ruby, and Vivian, and …

I’m looking forward to spending this time in Estevan with this fellowship of  women, older or younger or whatever. I’m thankful and humbled that they have asked us to come, and my friends and I will offer them the best seminar we can. We’ll try to be sensitive to the age thing. We’ll sing some of the precious older hymns, and we’ll be as honest and as caring and as loving as Jesus will help us to be. And we will present our message with respect, in an encouraging, fun, and challenging way. At least, that’s what I’m hoping and praying for.

Actually, I think it’s wonderful that women of a certain age are willing to sign up for and attend a seminar like this! Because there is no age limit on growth. And I’m almost positive that they will bless me much more than I will them.