My son showed me a website yesterday, all about making your own shampoo. He’s into that kind of thing, healthy living and such, and I kind of am, too. When I have the time, I mean.

So he shows me how easy it is to make your own shampoo, using this and that and maybe some rosemary or something, and he says, I think homemade shampoo is a great idea. I think you should do this, Mom.

And the article goes on to talk about all the unhealthy things that are in the shampoo that I buy at the store, and how some of these chemicals have been linked to cancer, and I’m immediately overcome with guilt.

Because I’m already struggling to reduce the sugar content of the food I prepare for my family and didn’t I just yesterday make a double batch of my mom’s famous chocolate chip cookies. And even though I made them with whole wheat flour, it still wasn’t good enough, was it, because it wasn’t gluten-free or made with ground up beans or lentils or chick peas or anything like that. And I know I rely on canned mushroom soup way too much, because that tuna/noodle casserole is just so quick and easy to make. And when was the last time I made a salad?

Because some days it is all I can do to get the food on the table three times, never mind the schooling and the laundry and the personal bible study and the sweeping-up-the-crumbs-under-the-kitchen-table. And now I have to deal with the knowledge that there are mothers out there who actually make their own shampoo?

And I just know that we are all going to get cancer of the head and it will be my fault because I haven’t been making our shampoo from scratch.

Oh my goodness, I am such a mess. All those other moms … who make their own pasta and who glory in their homemade, healthy, chock-full-of-vitamins, well-balanced meals, whose kids willingly eat spinach and never eat processed anything … all those other moms who are doing it so much better than I. Those moms who I know only exist in my head. Why do I let them make me feel so bad?

So I sigh, and smile at my son, and I say, I think homemade shampoo is a great idea. I think you should do this, Son.