Why a prostitute’s home? I mean, out of all of the Jericho homes, why Rahab’s? And, if the spies sent by Joshua were supposed to be, you know, spies, then why did the whole city of Jericho, including the king, seem to know they were there?

I read the story to the boys this morning, around the breakfast table. And it is interesting to me that my children don’t ask these questions? Are they just so used to hearing the words, day after day, that they don’t question anymore the wonder and weirdness and mystery of them?

I read the story, and I pause at the end, and I point out the admonition by God – to be strong and courageous. And I point out how the others are characterized, as melting in fear at the prospect of being attacked by God’s people.

I point all of this out to the boys and they nod, and then they go to brush their teeth.

And I think, when did this stop being awesome? How do I make this real for my children? How do I make it real for myself?

Because it’s not just dusty words in an old book. Not to me. These are living words, powerful stories.

When did it just become curriculum?


I know it is Tuesday and it is Dad’s turn to write for the My Dad and Me series on the blog. Dad is busy being a good guy! He’s helping my aunt fix her basement so she can get her house ready to sell. Hopefully he will be back next week with some awesome Dad wisdom.