Sixty-seven years ago, as a young child, I remember being part of a small group of people who gathered in Radville, Saskatchewan to look at the facility still under construction that would be home to a few high school students the next school year.  Last weekend I gathered with several hundred former students, staff and friends of Radville/Western Christian College to celebrate our last homecoming.

I visited with middle-aged former students I hadn’t seen for years. I watched as people shared stories, laughed with friends, and reminisced about the past. I thought about former staff and students who have already passed to the other side, and listened to packed houses on Saturday evening and Sunday morning sing hymns of praise. Saturday evening, I wiped away a tear or two as I watched the “torch” being carried out of the auditorium for the last time.

Many have posted in the last couple of days and said much more eloquently than I can what the weekend meant to them and how Western impacted them. I want to join with a host of others to say thank you to those who planned and hosted our last Homecoming. The initiators of our school, the board members, the presidents and staff were thanked but I would also like to say thank you to the many who drove the buses, cleared the sidewalks, provided healthy meals, and made sure the buildings were warm and clean. To all of you who have given, prayed, and worked so hard to bless the lives of so many students over the past sixty-seven years, THANK YOU.