I’ve been thinking about doors lately. And about all those door analogies, you know, like how when one closes another opens, and how some people know how to open a lot of them, and how other people know how to knock them down.

A door is a great symbol. I can spend a lot of time waiting for doors to open. Or wondering if that door is worthy of opening. Or whether this other door should be closed. Or feeling down because doors seem to be opening, magically, for everyone else but me.

And then, our goats are coming and the little barn has no door. We aren’t ready yet, but the goats are coming and so the boys get busy.

And it’s not pretty, but it’s done. And the goats come, and the momma’s have their babies, and the little barn is ready for them. Warm and safe. With a door to keep in and keep out. A door that opens and closes, as needed.

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

Milton Berle