I love the random texts he sends throughout the day. He isn’t very good at it. No punctuation and his own text language. Sometimes it takes me a while to figure it out. But I still love getting them. The luv u baby and the yur the best and the life is good isnt it and the on my way home whts fr supr and how r bby goats … I love it. I love being able to stay in touch through these little snippets of conversation. Connection.

I love the sounds, drifting around the house, of the boys and their friends. Belting out that classic rock, all off-key and loving every minute of it. And the sweet music of their muffled conversation, all gangly arms and legs stretched out on the floor and hanging over the sides of the couches and chairs. The giggles and the teasing and it’s all good-natured and really really beautiful to hear. Connection.

And Carter and his little friends, in and out with the building of the fort and the snacks and the bug farms and the sword fighting. Childhood at its best. Friends and running and shouting and, you know, those connections. ‘Cause it’s hard to have a sword fight by yourself.

And I treasure the moments, the beauty, of the sharing. Sharing lives and space and food and time and conversation. Learning from each other what it means to be human. Because to be human is to be connected. I mean, I guess you could live without relationships, but the colour of life, the flavour, would be all black and white and tasteless. This rubbing against each other, touching each other, bumping into and bouncing off each other — this is the dance of humanity.

And when you’ve bumped and jostled and touched someone for a long time, for a life time, you can read the texts and know the whole story.

luv u baby — Thanks for getting up and making me breakfast before I left. Now I’m starting my day feeling loved and cared about.

yur the best — Whew, thanks for taking care of that banking thing. Now I don’t have to worry about it while I’m working all day.

life is good isnt it — Things have been a little crazy and uncertain but I’m realizing that God will take care of everything.

on my way home whts fr supr — It’s been a long day and I’m really tired and I’m looking forward to walking into the house and smelling something yummy.

how r bby goats — Tell me everything that’s happening. How many babies were born today? Are they nursing okay? Are they boys or girls? I sure wish I was there. Send some pictures to my phone so I can see what’s going on.

And I text him back. Love you too. Thanks. Yes, we are very blessed. Leftovers. The goats are good. Pictures on the way.

The story of a day in text message. It’s a beautiful dance.