The first thing you will see if you walk into our house is footwear. We have more shoes, boots, sandals, runners than you can shake a stick at. A whole wall in our mudroom is dedicated to shoe shelving. So you’d think, wouldn’t you, that the boys would be well shod?

Yes, that’s what you would think. But then, you might not know my youngest. This is the child who would rather be barefoot than anything. And if he must wear shoes, then let them at least be slip ons. Whatever he can throw his feet into and get out the door the fastest is the footwear of choice.

This is the boy who consistently loses his shoes, or at least one shoe in the pair. One summer I was so frustrated when all I could find for him were three singles of different colours, that I said he could just wear those because I wasn’t buying him any more shoes to lose! Trouble was, he was fine with it. That entire summer he wore a combination of one orange croc, one black croc, and one batman sandal.

But now, at ten years of age, his feet are the same size as mine. And these are the shoes the lazy boy wore outside to do his chores the other morning.

Yes, this is my son.