In Janelle’s post last week she suggested I might want to write about, “what colours my world”. So I have been pondering this question for the past week.

As I look out my study window I notice signs of spring but it is still rather drab out there. A bit of snow, a yard that needs to be raked, trees that need to be pruned and flower beds that need to be prepared. But soon the apple tree will blossom, the shrubs will display their beauty, the grass will turn green and boxes of flowers will arrive from the green houses. My world is coloured by anticipation. Anticipation of spring but also anticipation of what lies ahead, what doors God will open, how I will grow as a person and of enjoying the journey with the one I love.

I look around my study and see books – some are old friends, some I have read more than once – some I haven’t read. Some support tradition, some provide fresh ideas and some are just for fun. And I am reminded that there are things about tradition and new ideas and fun that colour my world. There is also a Murphy bed on one wall and I think about the people who sleep there when they come to visit. Children, grandkids or friends, and I know the people we love and share with colour my world. Right now the clutter is: an air mattress that needs to be put away, a suitcase from a sleepover in Sherwood Park last week and artificial flowers that are either coming or going to the displays Shirley does so beautifully. My world is coloured by the places we go, the people who visit and a wife who provides a pleasant setting in which to live and entertain guests.

Last week we visited a friend in Edmonton who has terminal cancer (I haven’t used that word to describe him previously because I have been praying for his healing).  He is confined to bed and breathes with the help of an oxygen machine. When we were there an adult daughter was curled up on the bed beside him reading him a book, the smells of dinner cooking came from the kitchen, there was pleasant conversation, smiles and hugs, and I was reminded of love, family, faith and lives well-lived.  And most of all, I think, those are things that color my world.