We are going to be in California this week so I am writing this blog on Saturday, April 28th.

I am sitting here, reflecting on events of the past couple of weeks and looking forward to next week when Shirley and I will be spending the week relaxing, visiting and attending the lectureship at Pepperdine University.

Last Saturday we were in Edmonton at our dear friend’s funeral; he died much too early at age 57. Today we attended other friends’ 50th wedding anniversary celebration. In between those days we celebrated Shirley’s 70th birthday.

There were tears shed last Saturday, but there was also a celebratory atmosphere for a life that finished strong. Daughters reminisced about stories read, play houses built, games played, camping trips and what their father had taught them. Songs of faith and praise were sung. Pictures celebrating family and ministry were shown, and the woman who had been his soul mate, friend and wife for thirty years was a gracious hostess to those who came to reminisce and celebrate her husband’s life.  We left knowing a good man had influenced people in his home, community and church as well as people in South America, and that God is sovereign.

This afternoon we heard stories from Del and Carole’s family and friends. People from their past, neighbours, church family, children, grandchildren and relatives were there to honour them, tell some good stories and celebrate fifty years of marriage.

Last Monday on Shirley’s birthday we both worked a polling booth at the provincial election. When we got home and Shirley opened her computer, she had seventy-some Happy Birthday messages. Blessings were expressed, friendships honoured and good deeds thanked. I was reminded again how fortunate I am that she is my wife.

Good lives were celebrated at the funeral, on Shirley’s birthday and at Del and Carole’s 50th anniversary.  Finishing strong whenever that time comes, living lives that honour God and are a blessing to others, and being part of a loving family are significant things I reflected on this week.