It’s getting a little crowded. The eighty or so chicks, nine turkeys, and four ducks are growing growing growing and the little henhouse is about to burst at its seams. Thankfully, the birds can be let outside during the day, now. They are ready to leave the hothouse environment, where they’ve been kept warm and sheltered and protected, to venture out a little. It’s fun watching them checking out the big ole world.

I understand crowded. I know the challenge of sharing space.

I also understand the temptation to try to maintain a controlled environment. There’s a part of me that would like to keep my little chicks safe and protected and in my henhouse for as long as possible. Save them, as it were, from the elements that could cause them harm.

Can’t do it, though. They are growing and venturing and yes, there’s some danger and many unknowns involved. They will make their mistakes and suffer the consequences of them.

But they will also see and experience and enjoy so many things that I can’t help but be excited for them! To encourage them, even, to get out there and live their lives the best way they can. ‘Cause they weren’t meant to live their lives in the henhouse. They were meant for so much more.

It’s opener, out there, in the wide, open air.

Dr. Seuss – Oh, The Places You’ll Go!