For years I have tried to live out a simple life. To shake off the unnecessary, the excess. To sift through the stuff, to purge. This is a daily challenge, I have found. The journey of a lifetime. Often I have strayed off the narrow path of enough onto the paved highway of too much.

What is becoming clearer to me is that there is more to a simple life than the making of one. That the process of reduction is not the life itself. There is a beyond.

Because after the simplifying, the sifting, the making smaller … there is something left. There is that which was deemed important and valuable and necessary. And the step beyond, the beauty of simplicity, the living of the simple life … is the caring for that which has been kept.

What is left is named treasure and the care of it is what makes a life.

My task is to simplify and then go deeper, making a commitment to what remains. That’s what I’ve been after. To care and polish what remains until it glows and comes alive with loving care. – Sue Bender, Plain and Simple: A Woman’s Journey to the Amish

A commitment to what remains. Polishing what remains until it glows and comes alive with loving care. This is the living out of the simple life. This is, simply, life.

Reposted from the archives. Thank you for reminding me of this, Jen Fletcher of Pursuing Enough.