We’ve been doing a lot of building lately. Renovations in the house, putting up fence and more fence, goat stuff, roofing; it’s been a busy few months.

We’ve been doing a lot of living lately. Changes in Lyndon’s employment and the decision to go forward in a life-honouring, home-honouring, family-honouring, God-honouring way have made our days … interesting. We are building something different with our lives, with our family, and it is simple and sweet and hard and messy, all at the same time. Like building often is. Creating is a complicated, get-you-hands-dirty kind of process. But so satisfying.

Today we (Lyndon and the boys, I mean!) are building stalls in the barn, in preparation for the winter and looking forward to the spring, when the mommas will need warm spaces for their babies. And with the sounds of drilling and sawing echoing across the yard, I think of the never-ending building that it takes to make it work. Planning and working and sweating and even, sometimes, starting over. And the resting and talking and laughing. And the patting each other on the back for a job well done.

The building of a barn and the building of a family. The sweaty sweetness of making something good.