I’m all for getting things done. I can even get behind a good how-to-get-organized article every now and then. But really, people, I think the whole efficiency thing has gotten a little out of control.

You might call it wasted time. I call it taking time. And, efficient or not, I do it regularly. I’d be willing to bet it’s good for my health. I’m sure I could find a study out there – somewhere – to support me on this.

Sometimes I take a nap after lunch. Just a half hour or so to stretch out on the couch and close my eyes and drift. Refreshing.

I check my facebook more than once a day. I don’t limit myself to fifteen minutes in the morning. No, I hop on and off several times, completely guilt free. I like facebook. I like knowing who bought what off my little town’s online garage sale page. I like seeing what my friends are making for supper, or where they are going on their holidays, or what their gardens look like. Refreshing.

I make stuff from scratch. I rarely buy pre-made or packaged food. I bake cookies, muffins, bread. I make oatmeal or pancakes or toast and eggs for breakfast in the morning. I use my crock pot all the time. I make soup. I make kombucha and kefir and I’m thinking I will start making yogurt, too. And it all takes a lot of time. Not efficient, perhaps, but extremely satisfying, not to mention healthy.

I linger. I have a second cup of coffee after breakfast. I sit and visit with my husband whenever I can get him to stop working for a while. I smell the flowers as I water them. I lean over the fence and talk to the chickens and I squander time sitting on the steps when it’s sunny and I stop to pet the cat. I read books and blogs and I chat with my children.

I love my little inefficiencies.

I still clean and launder and wash dishes and such. But the napping and facebooking and lingering, for me, add colour to my days and actually, I think, make me more efficient at my tasks.

I’d rather meander than march any day. I heard there are roses out there to stop and smell.