There’s a movie, probably more than one, about an art thief who steals famous paintings and then keeps them hanging behind heavy drapes in a locked room. Shame on him for hiding the beauty away. Oh, and for stealing. That’s bad too.

Dad wrote last week about Mom’s beautiful flower gardens. He didn’t mention that he has a hand in the creating and maintaining, too, but he’s right. Mom has an eye for beauty. It’s part of her. But what struck me in his writing was how much pleasure the gardens bring other people. The golfers that pass by the ninth hole. Friends who stop in to visit. Me, when I get a chance to have a cup of coffee with them on their deck.

It’s made me think, this week, about beauty. About creativity and art and words and all the beautiful things people have inside them. And how, if these things don’t get shared somehow, they are like paintings in locked rooms. Beautiful, yes. But sad and lonely and wasted.

Today, I’m seeing the beauty around me. The lovely that is right in front of my eyes. And if I see it in you, I’ll comment on it. Because it’s all about the sharing.