Fifty years is a long time. No wonder, in the good old days, the fiftieth year was considered the Year of Jubilee. Fifty years of anything should be celebrated. Whether it’s birthdays, blog posts, or, you know, a marriage.

Tomorrow is the fiftieth anniversary of marriage for my mom and dad. An incredible milestone. A journey of faith and love and steadfastness. A book bulging with exciting and beautiful stories. Stories of faith and travel and moving and life-changes and raising kids and building homes and picnics and grandchildren and great joy and crushing sorrow and simple, faithful happiness. An epic. Definitely worth celebrating.

So today we are packing up the children and loading the iThings with music and we are setting out for Calgary, to be with family and friends tomorrow. We’ll be celebrating.

I even bought new clothes. I think a Jubilee deserves a new outfit.