Last Saturday Shirley and I celebrated our fiftieth wedding anniversary. Our children and grandchildren were all here. Friends from Airdrie, neighbours and folks from our church family came by to help us celebrate and wish us well as we start on the next 50. Thank you to our family for arranging such a great day and to every one who sent cards, emails, called or came for the celebration. We visited, drank coffee, ate lots of goodies, relaxed on the deck and watched a fifty year-old home movie that had been put on a disk, and thanks to Tyson, a grandson, integrated into a video loop. Some things we saw on the video remain the same. The wedding dress was cleaned and hanging in the living room, Shirley is still beautiful and her hair looks much the same. My dark curly hair seems to have vanished though, and the people here on Saturday who were at the wedding looked a tad more mature.

In the past fifty years we moved several times and both of us enjoyed successful careers. More important though, we participated in our children’s growing up years, celebrated their achievements and watched them marry and have children of their own. We are now participating in our grandchildren’s growing up years and celebrating their achievements.

As I reflect on the past fifty years, I know there are many things I would want to do differently as I look back through older, more experienced eyes. But I am also grateful for what did happen. For lessons learned, love extended and grace experienced. For small children and bedtime stories. For participation in graduations, weddings and births. For God blessing us with times of great happiness and providing strength during times of great sadness.

I am grateful for the men our daughters married and the many friends who became part of our lives over the years. Above everything else I am grateful for my beautiful bride who said “I do” fifty years ago.