The past couple of weeks have been taken up with travel, a family barbeque in Weyburn, Jared and Haleigh’s wedding and a couple of days spent with Janelle, Lyndon and boys and their family of goats, chickens, ducks and turkeys in Gravelbourg.

We arrived at Brian and Verna’s house for the barbeque to find the morning had been spent putting up streamers, balloons and blown up wedding pictures. Siblings, nieces, nephews, friends, children and grandkids arrived and we enjoyed another anniversary celebration.

The next day, as we listened to Haleigh and Jared exchange their vows and were part of a large crowd at the reception, I wondered a bit about what the coming years will hold for them and the children, grandchildren and friends who will gather to help them celebrate  their special occasions.

It was fun to be in Gravelbourg and talk to Lyndon and Janelle about their plans for increasing their goat herd, to drink keifer made from goats milk and to help milk the goat that produced it. I thought about the different life styles our children have chosen as we ate freshly baked bread, watched Janelle prepare the keifer for the next day and talked about her home schooling plans for next year.  And I am grateful for opportunity, for choice and for differences we can celebrate.

Tomorrow we are off to Calgary to help in the kitchen as our church engages in three days of VBS.  After that I plan to spend the rest of the month enjoying the sunshine and doing some things around the house I have been putting of till “I get around to it.”