This is the story of my past week. With a pile of guests, most of whom were teenage boys, and a Vacation Bible School to help at (on top of the regular goat-milking-type stuff that goes on around here on a daily basis), last week was, by any definition, a bit of a gong show. And I loved *almost* every minute of it. Really.

I loved waking up each day to busy fun. I loved seeing my kitchen bursting at the seams with kids eating breakfast and making lunches, singing the soundtrack from Dr. Horrible at the top of their lungs. I loved working with my sweet friend, dramatizing the bible stories for the children and seeing the delight in their eyes as they engaged in the storytelling. I loved afternoon visits and evening tea times and the whole, crazy week of it.

There were moments, of course, when weariness got the best of me. Times when I wished for a bit of quiet. But the energy of the teens, the joy of seeing the kids singing the VBS songs, the beauty of sharing rich, ancient stories with roomful after roomful of children. These are the moments I will treasure. These are the moments that make it all worthwhile.

One moment is etched forever on my mom heart. The story is of the cross, and of Jesus taking the yuckiness inside of us to the cross with him. The demonstration included each child placing a strip of plastic garbage bag over our wooden classroom cross. And while the music played softly in the background, I watched as my tall Colton lifted our small friend Claire up in his arms so she could place her “yucky” on the cross. Indescribable.

In the midst of children and noise and bandaids and running and laughing and water balloons and trying to get the children to their next scheduled activity, God gave me this small moment of beauty and grace.

This morning, in my quiet house, I am grateful for both the gong show and the grace. Together, they make a good pair.