There is a tiny house, 480 square feet to be exact, in north central Regina. The worst area of the worst city in Canada, some say. But on this little plot of land at 1049 Montague Street, a dream is being realized.

The main organizations involved are Gentle Road church (a small group of believers from Regina’s inner city) and the newly birthed Esperanza Development Corporation. The vision of these groups is to foster the development of affordable and safe housing in an area where the vacancy rate is close to zero and the conditions are of very poor quality and extremely overcrowded.

This summer, an effort named Mission 6:10, staffed by volunteers, spent a week in Regina’s hood. Mission 6:10 hosted Vacation Bible Schools, painted a mural of the side of a medical facility, and worked on this little house. And some of the volunteers spent time every day on a prayer walk. They walked the streets of this neglected part of town, praying as they went. When they stopped by the renovation project, they wrote their prayers on the walls of the house.

Last month, my husband and I spent a day in Regina, working on the roof of the house. I was moved by the passion of Oscar Contreras, the project manager. I was touched by the camaraderie of the volunteers. But I was heart-stabbed by the prayers written on the walls.

The construction project is about roofing and siding and flooring and doing it all to code. It’s numbers and hammers. It’s nuts and bolts, and hard hats and steel-toed boots.

The prayers, though, make this project about people. When the house is finished, when the last nail is nailed and the labour is finished, the dream is that this little house will become a home. A place for family and life and laughter and joy. A place of safety and love.ย A haven.


I am organizing volunteers for the month of September. If you would like to volunteer your time to help finish this project, please contact me at

janellerosss @

(Yes, I realize that there are three s’s in my name. It’s a long story!)

You can also visit esperanzask.caย for more information or to donate to this effort. (Because Esperanza is a new organization it has not yet obtained charitable status, so donations can not be receipted for income tax purposes. If you would like to make a receipt-able donation, it must be made to Gentle Road church, with the specification on the cheque that the funds are for the housing project. Please email me for details.)

And please add your prayers to the ones that have been written.

Bless this house O Lord we pray. Make it safe by night and day.