We’re sitting in the comfy salon chairs in the zen-ish room at the oh-so-relaxing pedicure place. My sisters, a niece, and my mom. We’re all in a row, feet submerged in warm baths and we are passing the colour cards back and forth. Trying to make that all-important decision.

What colour should I have my toenails painted?

There’s discussion of shoe colour and hair colour and what will match with the outfit that will be worn on the weekend. And the choices are so many and minds are changed, over and over.

I pick this one, I say, pointing to a shiny orange just slightly different from the twenty other oranges on the card.

Are you sure? asks my sister.

Yep, I say.

And then, with that decision made, I relax and let the experience take me over. Visiting with the pedicurist and enjoying the time with my family.

I’ve been told this before. That I make decisions quickly and maybe it’s true. But isn’t that the important first step?

That doesn’t mean all of my decisions have been the best. Truth is, I might have been happier this summer had I looked down at pink toes rather than orange ones. But I had toes with colour on them, and I spent a lovely day with my family, and isn’t that the point?

When you don’t know what to do, just make a decision. Make one decision, one little decision if that’s all you can handle, and then rest in it. Rest in the knowing of the one thing that you have decided. Then let the experience of living the decision take you over.

This is peace.