Sunday afternoon, a friend and I sat in a couple of big chairs on my deck and talked. It wasn’t about the weather or our favourite teams. He did comment on how pretty the flowers were, but that was in passing as we shared our hearts.

We talked about life, our grandkids, our parents, and some of the things we had learned over the years.

I was in awe that on Friday he had surgery to remove a brain tumour, was released from the hospital on Saturday, and that we had worshipped our God together on Sunday morning.

We sat around our table that Sunday and shared a meal together, and as the rest of the folks continued their visiting inside, we were able to sit on the deck and talk. He kept assuring me that all of the things that had happened over the past couple of weeks were about much bigger things than him.

We did not dwell on the what ifs, the negatives, or what the treatment plan will be like. We both wiped away a few tears as he talked about God’s goodness, and about how his kids had been such great supports, and that without them all of what had taken place in the past couple of weeks would not have been possible. He especially appreciated his wife and her love and support.

As I reflect on that Sunday, I am thankful we were able to share communion and eat a meal together, but I am especially grateful for deck talk.