I am cleaning closets. Digging around in memories, and parting with some of them. It isn’t easy for me, but it isn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

I am selling stuff and giving away stuff and generally making space in my life. It’s come to feel a bit like I am moving out the past in order to make room for the future. Because, you know, things change.

I remember buying those Magic School Bus DVDs. They were some of the first DVDs I purchased, and my kids were not old enough at the time to view them, but they were a good deal, and I had a feeling. I had a feeling that this would be the kind of thing the kids would enjoy. And they did. For years and years and years.

I advertised our Magic School Bus DVDs on our local facebook garage sale page. Along with The Never Ending Story, and all those Disney movies, and the rest. They sold just like that, and when I dropped them off at all those homes where the babies were still babies, I thought about how quickly it goes. About how quickly the things planned for the future become the past.

Today my friend Anne is coming for a visit. When Anne and I met, Carter was a nursing babe and my oldest children were still monkey bar climbers and swing swingers. Anne and I met in a playground, and we’ve been friends since.

Soon, she and her three boys will arrive, and while the boys play, we will talk about the past and how it has been. And then we will talk about the future. About all those years of homeschooling coming quickly to an end. About how to make the best of the time that is left, and about finishing well.

We’ll dig around in the memories a bit, and we’ll see if there might be some things tucked away in there that might be of use to some newer moms, moms just starting out or moms thinking about homeschooling or moms finding the thought of homeschooling all the way through high school a bit intimidating. And about whether there might be some kind of book or blog or something there to write about.

Or maybe we’ll just drink tea.

My babies, just a few short years ago.