The wind blows the first of the dry yellow leaves from the trees on the day they come to visit, and the stinging dust annoys as we wander through the pasture to visit goats and chickens. But it’s good. Good to visit and reconnect and drink coffee and eat peanut butter marshmallow squares at my kitchen table while the boys play music, and play games, and slowly for some and more quickly for others, remember their friendships.

Anne and I talk.

And we decide to do it. We decide to take time over the next year to blog together about this homeschool thing we’ve been doing. This long-term, to the finish line homeschool thing that has dominated so much of our hearts and minds and time for so many years.

Anne is a researcher. She’s thoughtful and careful and as her oldest son enters high school years, she’s thinking about the time that is left. Making the most of it and finishing well.

My oldest is beginning his last homeschool year, and I’m thinking about many of the same things.

So we’ve decided to write about it. A little scary and intimidating, as all beginnings are. But I’m excited, too. I think this will help me be more intentional about this last year with my oldest son, and the last few years I have with my other children. I hope it will help this not-so-organized and somewhat scatter-brained mom to do my best with the time I have. And maybe encourage some others along the way.

I hope it will be a blessing – to my family, to Anne’s family, and to those who stop by to read and visit with us about this final lap.

I’m anticipating that there will be some great moments along the way. I’d love for you to join us!


As Anne and I begin to set this thing up, we’re deciding on a blog name and such. If you have any suggestions, oh how we’d love to hear them.