making friends

I sit in a strange pew in a church I don’t visit often, and I listen to the music and the preacher and the prayers. It’s good to be here. To be among people from my ancient history. And when it’s over and the church rises, I’m thrilled to hug and hello so many. Some old friends, some not so old. And to mark the changes – children growing and grown, the young ones who look like their parents used to, the older even more so and many missing.

I am blessed by this community. By being where I know and am known.

This is church on a Sunday morning. Can this be church on Monday, too?

Today I will church a little.

I’ll connect with friends on facebook. I’ll read blogs and write messages and love through words.

I’ll visit with a friend and her children. We’ll walk with goats and hold chickens and drink tea.

I’ll share time with my children. We’ll enjoy the first day of the last week before evil math enters our lives once again.

I’ll love my son’s friend, the one we haven’t seen all summer.

I’ll text or phone or maybe even knock on the door of some of those for whom I care.

I’ll read His words and other words and think about them.

I’ll talk with Him off and on throughout the day, and share some of my thoughts and ask for His help.

I’ll live this day basking in the warmth of yesterday.