Ahhh. Book club. Sweet women, babies in mammas’ arms, wonderful food, comfy couches and warm afghans under which to snuggle. And a book to discuss. Just lovely.

Look Again, by Lisa Scottoline, is the fictional story of a woman who reluctantly begins a journey to discover the birth identity of her three-year-old adopted son. She sees a likeness to her son in a missing child flyer photograph, and she cannot keep herself from digging around in her son’s past.

Truthfully, the discussion of the book was more interesting than the book itself. While there were some tricky social issues raised by the author, the story was presented in a rather formulaic and predictable way. It was a quick and easy read, but I didn’t find it particularly compelling or stretching. But that’s okay. Sometimes quick and easy is just fine.

The book club women rose to the challenge, though, and the discussion of this book was lively and insightful. Especially since one of the members is hoping to adopt a baby.

For me, the main point to wrestle with in Look Again is that of truthful relationship, and of how far one is willing to go in the pursuit of it.

Would I be willing to accept the sacrifices that the search for honesty might require?

While I couldn’t relate to the specific situation of the adoptive mother in the book, the idea of pursuing truth regardless of the cost did give me pause. How often is one asked to make that choice in her life?

Personally, I think we are stronger than we think. And when called on, most women I know rise up and do right and survive.