There are pictures on my walls, and papers with words on them stuck on my fridge door, and bits and pieces of things to think on scattered around my home. I’ve put them there. Some of them have been there for a long, long time. Long enough to become invisible, almost. Today, in the midst of 31 days of focusing on loving my home, I’m leaning in. I’m not just dusting around, I’m seeing.

Stepping back offers a fresh perspective, true. But so does leaning in.

When I put my eyes close to it, whatever the thing is I’ve chosen to tack up or frame or place on a shelf, I see the detail. I see the beauty of the words or the image, and the thing of which I wanted to be reminded, by which I wanted to be daily inspired, inspires again.

Of course, the most treasured decor, the most valuable, are those souls with skin who live within these walls. They are the ones for whom I put up the words in the first place. They are the reason.

Today I am leaning in. I’m seeing the words and touching the faces and noticing, fresh.

My prayer for you this weekend, Friend, is that you will, also. Lean in and see and touch and notice. In the midst of this busy Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, or whatever your weekend out there in the big world, may you truly see that for which you are thankful. And may you be blessed.


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