Yesterday we had thanksgiving dinner with our Sherwood Park family. We enjoyed turkey, pie, ham, turnips and all the good things that go with thanksgiving. And as I reflect on yesterday, I am grateful for good food, good family, good friends and the good country we live in.

But there are lots of things that have gone before Thanksgiving 2012 that make me thankful for where we are in life now:

An appreciation of humble beginnings makes me grateful for simple things like indoor plumbing, electricity, heat that doesn’t come from a coal powered cook stove, running water, and telephones.

I am thankful for the honest hard-working people who helped make us who we are and the cultural mosaic that makes up our family.  For English, Cree, Norwegian and American folks, foods and traditions. For fry bread and lefsa and turkey and cinnamon buns.

I am thankful I am married to a grandma that enjoys teaching her grandkids how to make cinnamon buns, texts her daughters and grandkids and lets me lurk on her Facebook.

I am thankful for our daughters, the men they married , the grandchildren they have given us and a God who has blessed us abundantly.

And, of course, for cinnamon buns.


I (Janelle) can’t resist adding a few sentences to Dad’s post.

First of all, I love the order in which he listed the good food: turkey, followed by pie, and turnip at the end!

But seriously, when Dad sent me this, he added a note saying that since I was in the middle of my 31 days to loving my home series, I didn’t have to publish his post if I didn’t want to. I think it fits perfectly, though. What more do we want from our homes but that they offer a stage for the heritage-building things that Dad has shared?

If you have such a heritage, be thankful. If you don’t, be inspired to create this for yourself and for those you love.

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