When you walk into my house, this is the first thing you see. Antlers mounted on the wall, supporting an array of bows and arrows, guns, hunting clothing. There is no hiding what goes on in this family. You can see it from the second you step in the door.

This is not my decorating style. In fact, there was a time when I would have felt the need to explain away the mount and the guns and the camouflage. Or, I might have asked my husband to put it all somewhere where it wouldn’t be so obvious. Like in the barn. I would have preferred a nice Welcome to My Home sign or a wreath to greet my guests at my front door. I might have even been angry with him for the display.

We’ve worked it out. I’m no longer so concerned about how things look. I have accepted who he is, and the decor that comes with him. In exchange, he’s agreed to keep the carnage out of the living room. It works for us.

This week my husband and my middle son are on a hunting trip. They are up in the northern bush, hoping to bring home a moose. While they are gone, the sight of the antlers on my entryway wall is a reminder to me of family not here. It’s a reminder of these ones who I love who are out there in the bush instead of safe in my nest. It’s a reminder to pray for them. It’s a reminder that this is the way it is.

More and more, their lives are out there. But home will always be here to welcome them back.