My phone rings this morning.

Your goats are out, he says after I answer, and I panic for just a minute. How will I get them back in? What if they are on the road? What if I can’t find them all?

I gather the two boys who are home (my husband and one of my sons are away on a hunting trip), and I tell them I need their help.

They throw on their warm clothes and head outside, and I say I’ll be out in a minute. ‘Cause I’m still in my jammies, you know.

I’m fretting the entire time I’m getting ready. I can hear the wind; it’s been moaning in the trees since last night. I’m pretty sure the wind is the culprit. It probably blew open a gate in the night.

I walk out the door and burst out laughing. The boys are standing by the barn, shaking a pail of something. Tyson’s calling, come on girls, and the girls are racing each other to get through the open gate and back into the pasture. I walk across the drive to close the gate and we’re done.

I’m thinking as I walk back inside that this is my lesson of the day.

I want my kids to head out though the open gate. I pray for them to have adventures. I pray their stories will be full of love and joy and enough risk-taking to make it all interesting and meaningful. But, I pray that home will go with them in their hears, warming their journeys and helping them as they establish new homes of their own.

I trust they will know that this home, that their dad and I, will always be ready to welcome them back.

And that their dad and I will, for as long as we can, be always ready with open arms, with love, and with a bucket of treats.


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