Just be honest.


I mean, I could say I would have framed all those pictures and hung them on my walls this month, but I ran out of time. Or, I didn’t get a chance. Or, something came up.

But those would be excuses.

What I must say, if I’m honest, is that instead of doing that, I did something else.

No excuses.

This month, I’ve been loving my home. It’s been fabulous, for the most part. I have enjoyed a renewed relationship with my space in this place. I have learned much about myself and about what it means to call myself a home-maker, or stay-at-home-mom.

But the month is almost over, the clock is ticking on my 31 days, and I’m feeling a bit of pressure to make it all meaningful. To tie up any loose ends, to complete the things I anticipated being part of this experience. To do what I didn’t get done.

I won’t. Get it all done, I mean. And I’m tempted to come up with reasons why I won’t. Excuses.

But love, I’ve realized, is not a checklist. It’s not about to-do’s or finishing jobs or completing tasks. Love is a state of being.

When I was growing up I heard sermon after sermon, preaching Love Is A Verb. Love is an action. Love is what you do. And there is something in the doing of love that is important. Love without works is dead, perhaps, just like faith. I get that. I get that doing is important.

But maybe love isn’t just a verb. Maybe there is something else, first, that is so important that without it the verb-ing of it just doesn’t seem worthwhile.

I think that love – deep, meaningful, motivating love – is first and foremost, a state of being.

God IS love. Because he is love, he does love.

This month of loving my home has taught me something deeper than the joy of a clean house, that is, the joy of doing love. This month has taught me the joy of being love.

I may not finish all the jobs I set out for myself this month, but I’m not going to make excuses. I’m not going to feel guilty, or stay up late on the night of the 31st just so I can say, I finished that.

I hope I’ll wake up, instead, fresh on the morning of November 1st and think, I am love. And then spend the day doing it.