After years of Daddy being gone Monday to Friday, it’s a blessing for us to have breakfast together as a family each morning. This is a time I treasure. To look around the table at each smiling yawning face.

Yes, sometimes it’s hard to get going.

They don’t come the first time I call them. They pull the covers over their heads, and they wait until the very last minute to creep down the stairs and sit up at the table.

But it’s still dark out, Carter says. Every morning he says this, and it’s true.

It’s hard to get going when it’s dark out.

Especially on a Monday morning, after the weekend of friends and visiting and fun. Monday seems a little … less? Drab and uninviting. The plain Jane day in a week of days more beautiful and exciting.

Monday is not the life of the party.

This is my Monday challenge. To spark the light, because sometimes the darkness overwhelms. An extra smile, hot tea with honey for still sleepy boys, ancient words that offer a glimpse of glory to come.

Sometimes this making-of-a-home thing is summer easy, and it’s not hard at all to love.

Other times, it’s winter dreary. The light is dim and it’s hard to see the important why’s and it would be nicer to just pull the covers up and sleep.

If you are feeling Monday blue, Friend, then this is my prayer. If the light is dim and the week ahead looks endless and life is a little dull, I pray that you won’t just wait for the light. I pray you will bring the light. That you will be the spark.

Whatever it takes, do it. Love your home. Love the people who make it home. Love the people you meet today, whether in a store, at work, or online. Know you are loved, and that at least one person (me!) is praying for you today.

Today Friends, let’s bring the light, and show Monday she can be beautiful, too.