Halloween is long past. Canadian that I am, I celebrated Thanksgiving weeks ago. Remembrance Day has been remembered.

Christmas is around the corner.

To be honest, we haven’t had many rock solid Christmas traditions in our family. We do the tree and a little bit of decorating. The kids have their stockings and we open presents on Christmas morning. Pretty tame and ordinary, really. No special, must-have foods. (One Christmas day we had pancakes for supper.) No Christmas elves leaving surprises.


It’s been more of a let’s see what we can come up with this year kind of thing.

Earlier in the marriage, we travelled to be with relatives. Lately, though, we’ve chosen to stay home. Because it’s Canada, people, and driving in December is always a bit of a crap shoot. You just never know.

Very occasionally, relatives have travelled to be with us. Let’s just say we don’t live in a tourism hot spot, and there are a bazillion other places people would like to go to for their holiday than here.

Most often, we’ve celebrated Christmas here at home, by ourselves or with friends. Maybe skating on the dugout. Maybe just cuddled inside with the new dvds or games or puzzles. Hot chocolate. Snacks.

I asked my children the other day how they would like to do Christmas this year.

The answer, no surprise, was with friends.

Have friends come.

Call s0-and-so and see if they can come over.

Invite the youth group for a movie night.

And although they love presents, not a single gift request was part of their answer.

Just… friends.


(I must say, though, the elf thing looks kind of fun. Can I do Christmas elves with teenage boys?)