Thank you, Mr. Mouse. If you hadn’t shown up, my kitchen cupboards would still be a disheveled mess of dishes and canned goods and pasta boxes. But thanks to your arrival (and subsequent untimely death) my kitchen now boasts the cleanest and most organized cupboards and drawers in the world. Yep, they might be old and chipped and in need of a bit of paint, but they’re clean.


The cleaning flurry has put me in a let’s-get-er-done kind of mood.

I’ve learned to take advantage of these little bits of organizational desire that come over me from time to time. So today has been named Get-Er-Done Day. And we are.

These are the things we are getting done today (because when you homeschool, it’s all about participation!):

1. Cleaning cupboards. I’ve done some of this already, but there are a few more cupboards that could use some attention. Especially that catch-all drawer that I can hardly force open because it is so packed full of essential bits and pieces of who-knows-what.

Today we’re clearing cupboards.

2. Organizing laundry. A while ago I bought each boy a laundry basket. One for each boy to keep in his room, because, well, why not? I’m not the only one who can do laundry, am I? And I’m tired of forever trying to figure out who’s socks or jeans or t-shirts belong to whom.

Today my boys are learning the secret art of how to do your own laundry. I’m very excited.

3. Taking down the dining room table. I’ve talked about this for a while. We never use it, except to store all that stuff that no one wants to deal with. It takes up a lot of space in a small room. I have three boys, and they would rather fill that space with exercise equipment than eat off my good china once every couple of years.

Today, we’re turning the dining room into the exercise room.

And you know what? That will pretty much take care of the main floor of my house, and I will enter the weekend happy and with a tidy home. Well, one floor of it, anyway.

Thanks again, mouse friend.