It’s fun, choosing these gifts for these kids. Finding the thing that will bring a smile and be a continuing gift throughout the year. Hoping that what has been chosen will be just right and well-used for years to come. This is part of Christmas for me, and I love it.


I love baking the treats and snuggling on the couch through the corny lineup of Christmas movies. I love the smells of the season, and Johnny Reid singing Silent Night, and the anticipation in the air. I love praying with the children for those less fortunate, and reading together those ancient words, and finding new stories to share.

All do Christmas in their own ways. Some with many gifts, some with few. Some with service, or hospitality, or simplicity, or family.

This year, the shouting about it is making me a bit sad. The do this or buy or don’t buy that.Β The I have it figured out, do it like me.

The say it this way.

People, there are no rules.

How about this. How about instead of shouting about Christmas and how it should be done, I choose instead to be Christmas. I choose to be peace and good will. I choose to love with the love of a mother birthing her first child. I choose to whisper a quiet Merry Christmas over the din.

Many will mock. Some will campaign. The shouting and fighting will likely not end, and the pressure to take a side or join a group or make a stand will always be there. But I can choose to live outside it all.

I can choose to be Christmas.