It’s your turn.

I’m thinking.

The two most often repeated sentences when playing a game with kids. My kids, anyway. And it’s often not so much about making the right move as it is about finding any kind of move at all. They don’t like to have to pass. They don’t like inaction. They want to contribute to the progress, to move it along.

It’s not so much about competition as it is about participation.

No one likes to see the game happening around him and just… sit. Especially if, you know, a brother is finding all kinds of great moves to make. (Ok, maybe it’s a little bit about competition!)

There are some wonderful things happening around me. People are being amazing, right before my eyes. Friends are doing their dreams, trusting God, stepping out in faith.

Living it. Doing it. Being it.

Playing the game, taking their turns, moving it all forward.

I can feel, sometimes, like the stuck player. Can you? Like everyone else is making the good moves and I’m sitting there with no play to play. It can take the fun right out of the game, you know, if I let it.

Or, I can cheer. I can suggest one son be patient with the other. I can take a peek at what the younger is holding, and make a suggestion. I can say those good job, smart move, way to go kinds of things.

You know what? That’s fun, too.