The season.. pregnant with anticipation and preparation. Baking and choosing and wrapping and sharing. An evening service in a barn. The time draws near.


When it’s time, it’s time.

The list and the undone and the rush… it all slows to the one thing that is happening. It all drops away, and creation does her thing, and birth happens.

It’s time.

I’m up early, tea and quiet my friends as I wait on the excitement of children and the sleepy dad who will pretend scrooginess. I can’t help but sit with her a while, that mother named Mary. We share the quiet, nodding at each other over our warm cups. Sharing plans for dinner and smiling at the memories of our children when they were small.

That day, that birth. I want to ask her more about it. I want to hear from her what it was like, to bring him into the world. The first time she held him, bathed him, kissed his toes.

In this bit of quiet, I let it all fall away, and I stop.

Today is a birth. Today, the pain of labour fades and the joy of the new unfolds.

Today it begins again… the wide-eyed wonder.

May you smile and cuddle and kiss a dear, sweet face. In his memory, may we cherish one another. May we love and laugh, and rest a bit for there are sure to be some sleepless nights to come.

Merry, merry Christmas!