It’s the day after the storm, and we are left with snow, snow, snow. And it’s cold out there but there isn’t any wind, so it’s okay.


He’s dressed warm for the trek across the yard, snowshoes even to navigate all that snow, and I can see the twinkle in his eye. There’s weather out there to deal with, and he’s ready to tackle it, by gosh! He’s a prairie boy, after all.

And so the day goes. Digging out, checking animals, in for a quick lunch, and more digging out.


I go out to take pictures, but the cold drives me back inside. To bake bread and thaw pork chops for supper and maybe do a little knitting.


All over Facebook, friends are tackling snow with snow blowers and shovels and longing for spring. But today, I’m good with winter. I’m happy to be tucked in, warm and cozy and pretending we’re all pioneer-like.

But in a comfortable, electric oven and water-from-the-tap kind of way.