I don’t know what it’s like where you live, but here in Saskatchewan, it’s cold. Like, bitter cold. This old house of mine is full of creaks and groans as she fends off the icy winds and tries to keep us all warm inside. Poor goats and other outside animals. I wish I could bring them all into the house on a day like today.


Mondays can be a challenge at the best of times. Especially when Monday follows the kind of fun-filled weekend that we just had. Friends visiting, extra food, late nights… and then Monday with all the ordinary it brings with it. The getting up and getting going and the orientation.

Sometimes, Mondays are a bit much, don’t you think?

But, cold as it is and weary as I might be, I’ve determined not to let the Monday blues overwhelm. Maybe you are finding similar ways to overcome?

1. Start with the necessary and the familiar.

Today, I got up and made my husband a lunch and visited with him for a few moments over breakfast. I let the children sleep in a little, and I made a bit of a plan for the day. I tidied the kitchen and put the kettle on to make hot drinks for the boys, and I answered a few online messages.

2. Add some inspiration.

When the boys got up, we had breakfast and hot tea, and talked about the fun weekend we’d had. I read some and we discussed some and I shared the plan I’d made. Chores, school work, and such. I reminded them of the Presidential Inauguration going on to the south of us, and the fact that our American friends were also celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Which led to watching some of the inauguration online, which led to some cool conversations. The symbolism of such a coincidence was not lost on my boys.

3. Do something practical.

Muffins. I tried out a new gluten-free muffin recipe while the boys were doing their school work.

4. Be quiet.

I said no to background music today. I said no to extra noise and overstimulation. Tyson just walked into the room and commented on the quiet day. I like it, he said. I needed a quiet day. That’s my boy.

5. Be thankful.

It might be cold outside, but we are warm inside. The house might need some work after the weekend, but we were blessed to share our home with friends. We might be a little weary, but its the weariness of having spent good times with good people. We are blessed.

May you find blessings this day, this week, as you navigate whatever is happening in your little corner of the world. If you are feeling challenged, know that you are not alone. I’ve been there, and I’m thinking about you.