There is no such thing as a typical day. Right? I mean, there may be a plan in place at 8:00 in the morning, but by noon, well… You know how it goes.






What is typical, though, is that no matter what we do – no matter how exciting or interesting or jam-packed-full or mellow-out-relaxing – no matter what happens, it’s just never enough for my adventure-seeking, fun-loving, make-every-moment-count boy. Inevitably, when bedtime rolls around, he’s saying something like, But we didn’t do enough today. Can we please do more tomorrow?

This used to bother me. I used to think (and sometimes say) things like, For goodness sake, Child. Do you have any idea of the effort it took to make this day happen? And then I’d growl something like, Sheesh, you could try being thankful for a change!

And he’d feel bad and I’d feel bad and, just… yuck.

It’s taken some growth on both our parts, but we don’t often have these conversations anymore.

He still wants every day to matter. He still has a hard time with the whole gratitude for what has been and tends to focus on the what hasn’t. I still talk to him about being thankful, and focusing on the good, and stuff like submission and contentment. I still sometimes oh my goodness him a little bit.

But I’ve come to accept him and his unique approach to life. And not just accept it, but love it. The energy, the movement, the adventure-seeking heart. I can’t imagine him any other way, really.

Mainly, I’m encouraged by how far he’s come, this crazy kid who about wore me out those first few years. I see the maturity, the blossoming, the effort he makes, and these things wiggle their way deep into my heart. While we work together on gratitude, and as we remind each other again that we are a family and we love each other, and when he hugs me tight around the neck each evening and I accept his I love you, Mommy, those words whispered only for me… Oh my, I am thankful.

Yes, he is still too much at times. Too loud, too busy, too distracted. But I am too in love with him to try to fuss it out of him. We’ll share the days, working things through as they come up, and this journey, mistakes and all, will make us better for having travelled it together.