I read her Facebook post a couple of days ago. She said, “I am going to breakfast with my best friend, then to Calgary to visit my aunt who is in the hospital.”  My heart quickened a bit. She was talking about me.


Over the years I have had many friends. But when I read, “My best friend,” I felt special, and my day was better somehow.

So I have been thinking about what makes a best friend and how one acts if they are one.

I know we have quarrelled about things. We don’t always see things the same way and we have even said things to each other that hurt. But we have always been there for each other.

Her elderly aunt is my elderly aunt. Her family is my family, and my family is her family. I even go shopping with her to “Cleos” and she knows what colours go best with my jeans. We have supported each other through surgeries and illnesses.

I sometimes cook and she sometimes cleans the garage. We enjoy movies, church, travelling and visiting with friends.  She is comfortable when I am reading and I am comfortable when she is visiting her Facebook friends.

Best friends support each other, give each other space, do things together, but also support each other’s interests.

I am grateful for my best friend.