Today is Wednesday. The day before Valentine’s Day. Two days before my second son’s sixteenth birthday.

Oh, and its the first day of Lent. Should I have remembered that before I saw all the Facebook posts and blog posts about it?


The truth is, I didn’t grow up with Lent. Ash Wednesday? I hadn’t a clue. I’ve only recently even bothered to find out what it is all about. Easter, growing up, was about finding eggs and eating chocolate, and somewhere in there was a vague understanding that for some people it meant something about Jesus being crucified and raised up again.

But Lent? I had no idea, except from references in books to people giving things up for it.

I’m giving up chocolate for Lent. Or movies. Or cigarettes. Or men.

I never really got the religious significance of such gestures.

I understand it better now, since google made understanding these things so much easier. I’ve thought about it some. I’ve not embraced it, although I sense it’s become the thing to do. People are embracing it, I know, even if it wasn’t a faith tradition they grew up with.

I’m not giving anything up for Lent this year. Not in the traditional sense, anyway. I’m not denying myself a pleasure or abstaining from an indulgence. I’m not tuned in enough to the why of it to make it meaningful.

I guess I’ll just keeping doing it, living it, day after day for the next forty days. Thinking about things, praying, doing what I can. Ordinary stuff, ordinary days.

Keeping on instead of giving up.

What about you?