It’s time to be well. It’s just time.

Because when I’m sick, I’m really only thinking about being sick. I’m thinking about my poor, sad self pretty much all the time, and it’s exhausting. I’m tired of thinking about me.

I’m ready to think about my children. I miss them. I’m tired of living the basics of life with them. I’m ready to return to books and discussions and all the rich extras that bless the day.

I’m ready to think about my home. My poor, neglected space. I’m ready to dust her off and dress her up. She’ll be happier and I will be, too.

I’m ready to think about the Coach Training Course I am going to be taking. I’m ready to be excited about this opportunity. I’m looking forward to diving into the reading and the upcoming training sessions and the times I get to spend with my assigned personal coach. I’m ready to embrace this.

I’m ready to enjoy some renewal time. To fly away for a few days to a beautiful place, to spend time sharing hearts and stories with other women, most of whom I don’t yet know but to whom I already feel a deep connection. The blessing of sisters.

And I’m ready to be writing again. I’ve been word-empty. It happens, sometimes. I’m working on it.

What are you ready for?