You can find my words today over at How to Homeschool High School, where I’m talking about the real Ross family. You know, the one with the grumpy parents and the kids who fight and the mess of doing this thing called family together. Here’s a taste…


Because you know I’m a big mess, right? That I have kids who sometimes fight and who don’t always make their beds, right? And that I sometimes choose lame netflix over whatever life-changing words I could be reading, and my dishes don’t always get done before the next morning has glued the leftovers to the plates, and the eggs don’t get washed, and my husband and I sometimes go to bed angry with each other.

You know that when I write about the children and the family and the farm that it’s not all idyllic or perfect or even fun, right? I get tired and sometimes I model laziness. I don’t want to but I do. I fuss at the people I love, and I drink too much coffee, and I procrastinate.

You can read the rest here.

And, have a great day!